Welcome to the world’s first “LIVING” Magazine! We have dedicated this digital publication to giving a voice to the world. As we bring words to life through videos and film, we begin to promote intimate communication; bringing all people closer to transformation. Without intimate, genuine, and authentic communication, we will never be able to effect positive change in humanity. If just ONE person is affected by one, single story; this journey will have been well worth the while! The Freya TV combines the magic of the entertainment industry, with the power of the written word. Our premier issue of The Freya TV addresses domestic violence, in the heart inspiring feature:  “The Little Black Dress Society. The Freya TV addresses the treatment of our veterans in America, and encourages you to comment on Wellness For Warriors11, and The American Wounded Heroes Golf Classic. We have integrated celebrity culture with challenges in society, as we move towards intimate communication between all people. With a digital, global platform, we are now able to call the world our stage. We are here to give YOU a voice, to give you personal power, and to let you know: All of us are the same…you are not alone!

Please join our blog as we reach out to the broken heart-ed and the lost; as we impart faith to the hopeless, and provideencouragement to the discouraged. A better life through arts and entertainment, are a gift to a wounded soul. Music, art, film, fashion, and engaging editorials, are paramount to the growth of the intellect and human spirit. Join The Freya TV as we forge ahead to putting “human” back into humanity. May God bless us all on this journey called life! Freya Pruitt Editor in Chief/Publisher/ Public Figure/ Producer