Welcome to the first “living” magazine in history! This interactive form of media, will “read’ more like a film, than a magazine! Editorials will come to life with videos and Social Media interaction. We will be able to capture content: The instant it happens! This “Living” magazine is Transformative Media at its finest! We are premiering this innovative technology at The Sundance Film Festival:2016. Never before in history, has a publication come to life in a film format! Interviews with Celebrities, will now be able to be viewed  both in editorial content, and in the actual film format! Every nuance, every blink of the eye, every smile, sigh, tear or smile, will be presented to you as a “human” connection! In a world of texting and emails, Transformative Media is now available to utilize this technology, in a human and sensitive way! Intimacy will now be conveyed directly to the viewer, to enhance humanity with true and visceral communication. The Freya TV is interactively bringing “human” back into humanity! We feel this is a vital part of communication that is missing in society, and we are utilizing the entertainment industry, Media and Press, to get our message out to the world. We look forward to serving you. We dedicate this new interactive form of media, to the better good of all people. We value the importance of loving kindness, true reporting, and integrating respect, dignity and honor back into the Media. May God bless us all in this journey we call: Life!


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