Digital Community




People connecting with purpose:

A digital community connects humanity in every city in the world. It connects our ideas, our hearts, our vision, our talents, our hopes and dreams. A digital community provides a powerful space for people to communicate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We invite you to join us as we move towards putting “human” back into humanity. If we can reach and help just one person a day, our mission has been fulfilled. Please enter our Blog and begin YOUR conversation; share your humanity with us, and we will present it to the world! The Freya TV has special Feature sections for charities, human interest groups, beauty, health and wellness, fashion, music and art, the fine arts, The Film Industry, and award shows like The Oscars, Grammy’s, Emmy’s and many more. The Freya herself is Press for The Oscars and has created “The Living Magazine” to feature all of the major film festivals around the world. The Freya TV is the first digital presence designed to promote the human spirit, to give a voice to the voiceless and to connect all people through brilliant New Millennium Technology.


“Thriving through technology”

A digital community has no boundaries of communication and promotion: A musician or film- maker can market their product to a global market in an instant. They can list and promote their concerts, tour dates, CD and video releases. They can promote public appearances, and actually sell their music through one of our “Live” links, on their personal page on The Freya TV! The artist has total access through live links on their page to their website, all Social Media Links and Fan pages. The Freya TV will be moving towards live streaming of concerts by the winter of 2016! The Freya TV makes the artist a “Living” promotion to the entire world! The artist has complete control of their living links to create a custom SEO promotion to facilitate them getting the results they desire! Want to win a Grammy?! Link it into fruition!

Authors can promote their latest books, book signing appearances and sell their books directly from their live links on their page! Custom editorials, written by Freya herself, can tell the story of the author as well as promoting the sales of their books. Videos of personal appearances, speaking engagements, book signings, photos and much more, can ALL be posted on your “Living” pages! What to increase your book sales? Hit a Social Media link and GO!

Real Estate brokers can actually editorialize their properties, post live videos within The Living Magazine, link to specific real estate listing agents, and promote new listings to perspective clients around the world! You can actually view the properties live! The Freya TV customizes exactly what the agent wants and needs, and provides them the SEO tools, through Social Media, to effect effective ROI’s through live link promotions. You can change listings and post beautiful and dramatic pictures of target properties, as you promote to a targeted geographic market- ALL from YOUR page! A client wants to KNOW the Agent, so Freya will write your story up close and personal, to give the client a sense of the real you- the real person behind the listing! Want to sell a house? Hit the link and watch it come to life!


“Saving America: One Child at a Time”

The American child is in great need of intimate communication and tools that develop self-respect, connection to the community, self-worth, and a divine purpose in their lives. The Freya TV has designed a trademarked program that will put the arts back into the schools, and give the child a personal purpose in life. It is a scientific proven fact that the arts develop the inner child as they develop their God given talent. But a child has to IDENTIFY their gifting, develop it, and then have an outlet to present it to the world! The entertainment industry has always been a dramatic attraction to all children, and The Freya TV has designed a program that will give all school children an outlet to develop their talent, then present it to the world; and all of it, for free! This is not a competition; it is a program to develop the child’s intellect through the arts. The Freya TV is donating space for each and every child who completes the program, providing a REASON for the child to participate! Their creative gifting will finally have an outlet to be seen! Each child that completes the program will be presented on The Freya TV with a forum somewhat like “The Voice”, but with NO exclusion of anyone and is a program that is FOR everyone! We invite you to our read our Executive Summary of how to Save America: One Child at a Time! As citizens, it is our responsibility for the welfare and development of our children. The arts have virtually been taken out of most schools: Please help us, put them back!

The Freya TV Digital Community brings intimate communication to every single person in the world. Our intention is to give a voice to the voiceless, a purpose driven reason TO communicate, and through our words and thoughts, uplift humanity to believe again.